PADS® Professional

Self-contained, integrated PCB design flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups

Design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs with PADS® Professional, the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition® technology to engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment.

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  1. Affordable solution for complex PCB and system design
  2. Self-contained, integrated design flow in one product for hardware engineers or workgroups
  3. Fewer design spins with virtual prototyping including SI, PI, Thermal, DFM and 3D validation
  4. Easy to deploy, learn and use by both infrequent and expert users

Get More with PADS® Professional 

For a limited time, PADS® Professional Ultimate Bundle is available starting at € 3,495/year.

PADS® Professional Ultimate Bundle includes:
PADS® Professional, RF, FPGA-PCB, Rigid Flex, Multi-Trace HSD Tuning.

Check out all the possibilities of PADS® Professional

We provide an array of design and library translators to facilitate migration from competitive platforms.

Schematic Design

A complete schematic design solution for creation, definition, and reuse making the capture and definition of your schematic simple and fast.


PADS Professional includes advanced technology for all aspects of PCB layout, including sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning & placement, dynamic copper pour, panelization, and ECAD-MCAD collaboration

Constraint Management

Powerful and easy-to-use constraint management provides common, integrated definition environment for the creation, review, and verification of PCV design constraints.


PADS Professional offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software powered by Hyperlynx®. Efficiently analyze, sovle, and verify critical requirements at any point in the board design flow to avoid costly re-spins.

FPGA-PCB Co-Design

Optimize FPGA I/O in the context of the PCB, all the time keeping your FPGA in sync with the PCB. Also includes FPGA vendor neutral logic synthesis that lets you keep your options open before committing to a specific architecture.

Data Management

Project data management features in PADS Professional ensure quality, integrity and security and security of data used throughout the design flow.

Manufacturing Prep

Create documentation and manufacturing-ready outputs at either the board or panel level.

Extend PADS

Extend the capabilities of PADS Professional with powerful technologies such as rigid-flex, FPGA-PCB co-design, design review, and RF design.

Why choose PADS® Professional?

Reduce product design cycles, avoid costly design respins, and get products to market faster—it’s all possible with PADS Professional’s advanced PCB design capabilities. If you’re an independent PCB designer or part of a small engineering team looking for a competitive advantage, check out this infographic for 10 reasons why PADS Professional is the best choice for your design needs.


Discover how others successfully make use of PADS® Professional

"ED&A moved from PCAD to PADS® Professional with technical assistance and guidance from InnoFour. PADS® Professional provides us with a distinct set of applications and it helps us to address our custom made products design challenges."

Patrick Smout

R&D Manager at E.D.&A.

"PADS® Professional has all the tools a designer needs to ensure a first-time-right PCB, no matter the level of complexity. Advanced Software demands advanced support, InnoFour fulfils this job perfectly."

Jeroen van der Velden

Hardware Design Engineer at Celestia STS

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The full PADS® Professional flow enables you to design, validate, and manufacture PCB-centric systems. PADS Professional utilizes industry-leading Xpedition® technology which is powerful enough to handle the most complex and demanding designs requirements.


About InnoFour - FPGA, IC and PCB design

Our mission is to provide tools, technology and methodologies in the area of Electronic & Mechanical design, with the goal to innovate, shorten the development cycle and to be more predictable. In our portfolio we offer best in class products and solutions to prevail over the design challenges which are faced by the engineers today, such as reduce time to market, increase productivity and produce more competitive products.

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